Vintage Vogue 2934: Joy

Vintage Vogue 2934: a joy to sew from the muslin that showed no alterations to the pattern were needed (the first time that’s ever happened) all the way through to the stress-free button and buttonhole that I finished just before kick-off of the Patriots/Jets game.

Made from vintage slate-blue wool lined with turquoise satin.  Shown with a basic skirt I made years ago from inside-out home decor fabric.

Vogue 2934 Front View

Vogue 2934 Back View

Vogue 2934 Side View

Vogue 2934 Sleeve View


Vogue 2934 Inside View


Vogue 2934


Simplicity 1254: If only I was Olivia Pope

And now, an item I will quite possibly never wear despite working on it on and off for about four months.  This is Simplicity 1254 by Leanne Marshall. It is made in a stunning vintage textured cream wool and is fully lined in a flannel-backed satin.  (So if I ever do wear it, I’l be warm.) It has a lapped separating zipper in the center front.  The button is decorative and covers a large fabric-covered hook & eye that was originally white, but I dyed it cream using tea.

I liked this coat in theory instantly, but my gut told me it’d be a stretch for my “stick to the basics” wardrobe. I should’ve listened to my gut because last time I checked I am not Olivia Pope (and I’m quite sure only she can pull off a collar this big).

Did I mention that it’s 60 degrees outside right now?!?