Taylorski, aka Belladone #2

Meet Taylorski, my second Deer & Doe Belladone dress, made specifically for a very special event this weekend – the celebration of the wedding of my wonderful friends Mike Taylor and Scott Jarworski.

There’s a 50/50 chance that, like most wedding dresses, this will only get worn once: It’s mostly white; I’m a light weight; I’m told there will be not one, but two signature cocktails; there will be gobs of tasty food to balance on small plates while sipping said cocktails; and did I mention I’m a light weight? Oh well. It’ll be worth it.


I added that band at the bottom to tie in with the waist. It was more difficult to do than you’d think.


Stripes are tough to photograph. Sorry for all the wrinkles.


Pocket and side seam matching.


Bottom band and side seam matching.


The prettiest hem tape ever!

Pattern: Deer & Doe Belladone dress

Fabric: Vintage cotton, only 34″ wide (which forced me to add a center seam in the front skirt)

Cheers! And congratulations, again, Mike & Scott.

Belladone: Just in time for Mexico!

Meet Millie – the exact opposite of ready to wear, “fast” fashion. She’s a Deer and Doe Belladone dress made of navy cotton chambray with paisley poly pockets and seam bindings. I started this pattern last August. All was well until I tried her on the the fit in the back skirt was horrid. She spent the winter in my unfinished sadness bin, but I was determined to finish her for this summer. (Hence, Millie, a French name for stubborn determination.) Three+ zip installs and multiple skirt alterations later, she’s finally ready.