McCall’s 7279: Post Camp Workroom Social work

Just an ordinary dress for work on the outside; not so much on the inside.


Perfect for a job in financial services…


My first dress collar, I think.


A close to perfectly inserted invisible zipper. I’m loving my Bernina foot 25.


A burst of color

McCall’s 7279 (by Palmer/Pletsch) in grey herringbone wool with a black cotton collar. I have no idea what the lining fabric is made of. And frankly, with colors and a pattern like that, I don’t care.

I spent a weekend earlier this month at Workroom Social sewing camp learning a new-to-me fitting method. (You modify the tissue pattern to fit your body and then skip the muslin phase.)  It worked quite well for this dress, which fits better than many other dresses I’ve made. Added bonus, I was fitted by the lovely Melissa Watson, one of the women who designed the pattern.