Dreaming of the Winkelman

After at least one night lying in bed thinking about it rather than sleeping, I’ve picked my next project, and it is a big one. I’m going to try to replicate this incredible coat, without the fur collar and cuffs.

Grey Winkelman Winter Coat

I found this beauty in the Mill Street Vintage shop on Etsy a year ago.  It’s from the 60’s and is by Winkelman.  I thought about it constantly for days, maybe even weeks.  I would have happily bought it, despite the hefty price tag, if it would have fit around my hips and backside.    So despite not having a pattern and having never made a jacket or coat before, I’m going to try to make it.

I scoured Etsy and eBay and found two patterns that could get my going: Vogue 1939 – but the only copy I can find costs $95, so um, no – and this one, which I found uncut in my size for $9 shipped.

This is not my size - it's just the best picture I can find.

This is not my size – it’s just the best picture I can find.

It arrived on Monday and I started my first muslin last night.

I had planned to make the coat in grey, just like the picture (yes, I seem to be on a grey kick right now), but when I got to Winmil I found a coat-weight wool in brick red for $12.98/yard.  It’ll be tough to find a belt buckle and buttons to match, but that is a challenge I’m willing to accept even if it may require another trip to NYC — because yeah, twist my arm.  I’m not sure what I’ll use for lining just yet, but chances are this will take more than one muslin, so I think I have some time.  If you  have any suggestions, please let me know.

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